Is Your Smile
as white as it could be?

Many factors contribute to the color of your teeth. Over time, your teeth become dull and less white. Coffee, wine, cigarette smoking, and other foods and lifestyle choices can cause teeth to look stained. Unfortunately, even the best brushing habits cannot reverse staining or dullness. The good news is that All About Smiles in Middletown, OH, offers Zoom! teeth whitening.

Zoom! Teeth whitening services

Teeth Up to Eight Shades Whiter

Have you considered professional teeth whitening? We use Zoom! in-office whitening for our patients. You can have whiter teeth with little to no sensitivity over your lunch hour! We’ll check the current shade of your teeth, apply our advanced whitening gel, use a special LED light to accelerate the process, and in less than an hour your teeth can be up to eight shades whiter.

For severe discoloration or staining, we may recommend Lumineers®.

Dental exam room equipment

FREE Whitening Maintenance

Teeth whitening doesn’t last, especially if your lifestyle doesn’t change. The same things that stained your teeth before whitening will cause them to stain yet again. To make your whitening last, we offer free whitening maintenance. Ask us about it!

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